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The museo de armas (weapons museum) is located in the military circuit beside the palacio paz, in the Retiro neighborhood.  It is broken down into 18 rooms, displaying weapons from the 12th century all the way through to the 20th century.

The selection is surprisingly widespread – there are different types of armor, swords, bayonets and daggers, guns ranging from antique rifles to Gatling and machine guns, rocket launchers, canons, and even some samurai suits.  The weapons are well laid out, and you can get up close to all of them.   The only downside is that there isn´t much information describing the different types of weapons, or the history involved.

Entrance is extremely cheap, only $3 pesos, so if you are in the area, you may want to take a look.  It takes about 30 min to 1 hour to make your way through the museum.

Bottom Line: Great for anyone interested in seeing the evolution of weapons.

Museo de Armas
Santa Fe 702.
4311-1071/79 – int. 179


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