Vinos de Lujo – Luxury Wine Tasting Event

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Taking place in the famous Alvear Palace Hotel, this is another wine event you can´t miss. Vinos de Lujo in English means Luxury Wines and that´s what this event is all about. You get to try wines you probably never knew existed, let alone considered buying.

Here´s how it works. You pay an entrance fee of around 100 pesos (cheaper if you buy advanced tickets). The top wineries of Argentina set up a table with a selection of their best wines from each line of wines that they have, including some of their very best. All of the wines served at the event range from $30 to $300 pesos a bottle (retail)! Most people, especially tourists, will never even consider buying wine that is over $40 pesos a bottles. Vinos de Lujos is your one chance to try all of the top wines Argentina has to offer.

Another feature that makes Vinos de Lujo unique is that the representatives serving the wine are usually the wineries’ enologists and/or owners. This makes for a tremendous opportunity to meet the top dogs of your favorite wineries, and learn everything you ever wanted to know about them.

Although the main draw to this event is the wine tasting, also available for tasting are different cheeses, sausages, chocolates, whiskies, coffees, and liqueurs. There are also organized activities and presentations that include more tastings, such as aged wines.

To finish off the four days Vinos de Lujo event is an exclusive high-end dinner, organized by the hotel´s culinary team. Each course is served with one of the top wines from the event, making for the perfect finish to a classy, gourmet event.

When: Beginning of November
Where: Alvear Palace Hotel
Why: For those who love wine, and want to try the high end wines the country has to offer.

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