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Renting a nice room in a hotel in Buenos Aires will cost over US$100 a night. If you are visiting Buenos Aires for more than a few days, you may want to consider staying in a vacation rental. The city is full of beautiful apartments that are rented out for a period of one week (sometimes a few days) to various months, and you will get a much bigger room than you would in a hotel, for about half the cost. Options vary from small studio apartments to luxury apartments with various bedrooms. Although houses are not as common, they do exist and make a great option if you are a large group.

The main benefit to a vacation rental in Buenos Aires is that you will have an entire apartment all to yourself. Most rentals include everything you could need from towels and fresh linen to a full sized kitchen with all the necessary appliances, so you can really make yourself feel at home. Prices vary anywhere from $700 pesos to $2000 pesos (a week), or more, depending on the size, location, and quality of the rental. This is far cheaper than you´d pay for a decent hotel, leaving you with more money to spend on shopping, entertainment, and dining.

The principal difference between a vacation rental and a short-term, furnished apartment rental is that vacation rentals are for people on holiday. A vacation rental, if rented from the right company, will often offer you services similar to that of a hotel. It is easier to rent the place, you can always pay by credit card, and they are able to help you with bookings and information about the city. This is not so for short term apartment rentals, which are for people who live here temporarily and don´t need the “hotel style” services. Usually, this means vacation rentals are slightly more expensive, but the extra service is usually well-worth it.

When looking for a vacation rental, it is best to rent from a company that rents out various apartments. Check with them to make sure the booking service is simple, and that they offer concierge service during your stay in Buenos Aires. Although some companies will accept credit cards for payment, the majority want to be paid in cash. Make sure you know in advance what is required.

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  1. george says:

    i plan a trip to argentina for the next year -feb- and I need to know if the exchange rate for Euros is good in BsAs. Can you recommend an website for apartment rental in BsAs ? thank you, george

  2. Diego says:

    Hi George,

    There are many good sites for apartment rentals. Here are a couple we have used:

    Exchanging euros for pesos is probably best done in Argentina. You can try some of the official exchange spots throughout the city, although some of them can try to scam you. Also, be careful about going in and exchanging, as potential thiefs will know you have cash. Banks are the safest, though they dont give the best rates, and not all will exchange money.

  3. george says:

    i found, a good website with all the exchange rates. soon i’ll take a look for the apartment, thank you

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