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This is a funny audio clip of an Argentine who lives in Toronto (it’s a joke).

There are lots of great Argentine expressions, so for anyone who wants to hear some Argentine Spanish, this is a great little introduction to it.  There are a few vulgar expressions, so if you think this would bother you, then you may not want to watch it.  Transcription can be seen here: Un argentino en Toronto   I’ve included the translation of a few words for those who may need it.  I believe the audio was originally recorded in 2011 or so.   However, it is particularly relevant this year, since Toronto (and all of Canada), has had a loooong, coooool winter with loooots of snow.  Therefore, the reaction of the Argentine is particularly humorous, and I believe shared by some Canadians who by the end of winter are pretty sick of the cold and the snow.


Video is here:


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