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Some traditional dishes in Argentina:

Carbonada – a delicious stew, sometimes served in one half of a squash.

Locro – another stew, made with beans, corn, and different cuts of meat.

Empanadas – most latinamerican countries serve empanadas, each with their own distinct styles.  This is an extremely option lunch item.

Estofado, often served on pasta – it is like a tomato based stew.

Humita and Tamales – from the north.   Both are made from corn.

Argentine meat, often served on the BBQ. – what is particularly Argentine about their meat is the cuts that they eat.  The most common cuts to BBQ are vacío and asado de tira.  Other popular cuts are lomo, entraña, peceto, colita de cuadril, bife de chorizo, and ojo de bife, among others.  For description on these cuts, check out our post on Argentine meat.

Choripan – Argentine sausage BBQd and served on a bun.  Usually eaten with chimichurri.

Fainá – a type of chickpea bread that is served with Pizza.

Medialunas – Argentine croissants.


Dulce de leche – a caramel spread used in desserts and as a spread for bread, crackers, etc.

Flan – usually served with dulce de leche or whipped cream, or both.




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