The Best On-Line Resources for Finding Work in Buenos Aires

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There is a surprising amount of work for foreigners in Buenos Aires. It is easier to find work if you have your papers, but there are still lots of jobs for people who do not. Here best resources to help you find work in Buenos Aires. I have broken them down into two groups:

These are the best resources for finding jobs that are posted in English. The jobs are usually posted specifically for foreigners, and they realize that most foreigners do not have their papers. If the job posting does not specify whether or not you need legal working documents, be sure to check with them.

Craigslist – Definitely the most popular classified site for tourists and foreigners, this free classifieds site will usually have the greatest selection of jobs for foreigners. Its also a decent place to post an ad if looking for work as an English teacher.

The Expat – Connection – A small classified section for jobs, there aren’t too many to choose from, but it is certainly worth a look.

BA Expats – Another expat site with a good section for job postings.

OLX – A Craigslist copy, but much less touristy. Not many jobs posted for foreigners, but it is a good place to look for teaching English jobs, as well as posting an ad to look for English work.

This is a list of resources for jobs posted in Spanish, and are the same sites an Argentine would use to look for work. Most jobs will require that you have your papers, and can work legally in Argentina.

Zona Jobs and Bumeran The two most important sites in Argentina that are specifically for job postings.
Clarin – The newspaper’s online classifieds for job postings.

There are also numerous free classifieds sites that have job postings, but you are better off checking these sites first.

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