The “ARA Uruguay” Museum

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The ARA Uruguay is a small ship, known as a corvette, that is permanently docked in Puerto Madero and can be visited by the public. The boat has a very interesting story – it was built in 1874, a three-mast beauty and was one of the largest ship in South America. At the beginning of the 20th century, it set-out to rescue the survivors from the Swedish ship Antarctic, who were marooned in the freezing Antarctic during the winter months. The Uruguay successfully rescued them, and was able to return triumphantly to Argentina.

This ship and its story can be visited in Puerto Madero, and is well worth it for anyone interested in boats or history. It is cheap, currently only $2 pesos, and you can walk through the majority of the boat. This is also a great attraction for kids, because you get to go under the surface of the boat, and see what the inside of a large sailing ship looked like.

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