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Temporary furnished apartments are the best option if you are planning on staying in Buenos Aires for less than a year. It is easy to find one in any neighborhood that interests you, and they come with all the furniture you´ll need, and rarely do you have to pay any fees other than the rent – internet, cable, gas, electricity, local phone, and water are all included. Nevertheless, keep in mind that not all places include heat or air conditioning.

The main advantage of renting a temporary furnished apartment in Buenos Aires is that they are nearly hassle free. There is no need to have the dreaded garantia; all you need to do is meet the landlord, pay a deposit, and you have the apartment and everything you need to go with it.

The downside to renting a temporary apartment in Buenos Aires is that they are highly overpriced. Although there are temporary apartments for rent all over the place, the market is extremely hot because of so many tourists that come to live for an extended period of time. It is very difficult for these tourists to rent any accommodation other than temporary apartments, due to leases requirements and the need of a guarantor. This basically forces them to pay the high prices. Now it is nearly impossible to find a small, poorly furnished studio apartment for under $500, and if the trend of the last few years continues, these prices will continue to rise quickly. The other drawback of a furnished apartment is that they are not always well furnished, especially in the kitchens. The mattresses can sometimes be very poor quality, and it is not uncommon to find a place that is decorated in a way that would please your grandma.

Keep in mind that the best time to look for apartment rentals is right at the beginning of summer (end of November/beginning of December). This is because so many University students leave for the summer, leading to a huge increase in the number of apartments available for rent. Likewise, the worst time to look for apartments is at the beginning of the school year (end of February/beginning of March) because all the students return to Buenos Aires and begin looking for an apartment.

As long as you are willing to spend the money, you will never have a problem renting an apartment in Buenos Aires. The difficulty is finding a decent, affordable place to rent.

To help you find a nice apartment, try visiting the Apartment Rentals Resource Page. It includes the best places to look to find an apartment in Buenos Aires.

You can also try the following sites to look for apartments, which are just two of some of the better sites available:

Buenos Aires Habitat – specializing in Luxury apartment rentals

4Rent Argentina – a good selection of apartments for all price points

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  2. So, it’s very difficult to find furnished apartments that well furnished? What is the best time to visit Buenos Aires besides the beginning of summer? The price is constantly expensive or at certain time like important events such as Christmas, new year and so on the price will be higher?

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