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Tandil, ArgentinaTandil is a small city located five hours south of Buenos Aires, and a little inland from the eastern coast.  It is a popular destination for weekend and long-weekend trips, and for good reason – it is a relaxing, pretty city with plenty of stuff to do.

Some interesting facts about Tandil

  • Tandil has the second highest per capita earning in Argentina.  It is a very wealthy city, and this shows – the streets are clean, there are many nice houses, and the infrastructure is very good.
  • Tandil is known for their picadas, because many of the countries sausages and cheeses come from this region.
  • A lot of Argentina’s top athletes are from Tandil, and Tandil is also a very popular place for Argentine and international athletes to come and train.  Tandil is a great city to play sports in, because of their excellent infrastructure, and the result is a fitness orientated culture that has developed in the region.

What to do in Tandil

Tandil is a great spot to spend a couple days, but you could easily spend more time, by taking advantage of everything the city and surrounding area have to offer.


There is a decent sized lake in the city, created by a dike that was built in 1960.  You can rent canoes, kayaks and row-boats to boat around the lake in.  Some people go swimming, but it is not that common.  Its mainly for people training to be ironmen, triathletes, etc.

There is also a long-path around its perimeter, which is great for jogging, walking or biking.  If you feel like resting, there are many restaurants and cafes on the side opposite the dike.


Tandil is surrounded by many large rocky hills, where you can take part in a variety of activities.   There are horseback rides that take you through some of the different spots.  Some are pretty standard, that involve lots of people in a line going up the mountain and then back down.  If this is not what you are looking for, there some other options where you go out with some more freedom, and can do some galloping, cantering, and have a little more control over where your horse goes, and you are able to get away from the more trodden route.

You can easily go trekking through the mountains.  All you need to do is get to the hills, which you can do by renting a bike or taking a remis. They are only about 5 min driving from the city.  You can also get your own private guide to take you trekking, who make sure to take you to the best spots and tell you about the area.

Other things to do in the hills include 4X4, zip-lines, rappelling, and climbing, and all of these are possible very near Tandil.

In the City

Although the city is nice, there isn’t much to do.  There is a history museum, a few decent restaurants and bars, typical spots such as churches, and that is about it.  The city is more about taking advantage of everything outdoors.

The main spot in the city is a very pretty central square, although surprisingly enough, there aren’t any good restaurants right on the square to enjoy the atmosphere. Nearby, you can find restaurants, cafes, and bars, making it a good spot to wander around at night.

Top Spots in Tandil

La Cautiva

Yrigoyen y Las Heras

Tel. (02293) 44-9433

A nice Little bar that often has live music.   People of all ages go to listen and to dance.  Highly recommended for a pleasant evening out on the town.

Carajo Parilla

Saavedra Lamas S/n

(2293) 43-6669

Good barbecued meats, with the best view in the city.  The restaurant has a beautiful patio overlooking the lake, making this an ideal spot for lunch, dinner, or an afternoon snack.  Although the quality of the meat is nothing out of the ordinary, they are cooked to crispy perfection.

Horseback Riding with Gabriel Barletta

Avellaneda 673

(02293) 427725

A true lover of horses, Gabriel is a gaucho not by birth, but by experience.  His horseback rides take you out into the sierras, away from people and into the wild.  He is very knowledgeable about the land, and will tell you all about the flora and fauna of the region.  His passion for what he does is obvious right from the beginning, and he will make sure to take you on a horseback ride you won’t forget.  The evening ride is especially recommended, because after Gaucho Gabriel sings Argentine folk songs while playing his guitar in front of a campfire.

Check out our page on hotels and accommodation in Tandil.

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