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Danger in Buenos Aires

If you were to mention in North America that you were going to Argentina, most people would ask “Is it safe?”  Or they will talk about how they heard people are kidnapped, that there is a lot of crime and that it’s a dangerous place to visit.   Is Buenos Aires dangerous?   This is a difficult […]

Mendozan Wines: What Makes them so Good

When a foreigner thinks of wine from Argentina, they will almost always associate it with Mendoza. The majority of exported wines are from Mendoza, and the Mendozan wines are so good that they are starting to win many international awards. To truly appreciate these wines, it is important to know WHY these wines are so […]

Mastering Argentine Spanish

In order to understand and master Argentine Spanish, there are a few things you will need to learn first, even if you already speak Spanish. First, you will have to learn and become familiar with the Argentine accent and intonation, which is what gives the Argentine Spanish such a distinct sound. Once familiar with these […]

Argentine Spanish: The Most Common Words and Phrases

This is a list of some of the most common words and phrases you will hear when speaking to an Argentine. Not all are specific to Argentina, but it is important to know and understand them, because you will be hearing them A LOT! This will help you understand Argentine Spanish and will also help […]

Argentine Slang

A list of some basic Argentine slang. Naturally, there are many more words to learn, but this makes a good start. Bajón (f) 1. a downer, something that sucks Es un bajón. Que bajón. That sucks, that´s too bad. Bancar (v) 1. to tolerate. No me lo banco más. I can’t put up with it […]


CompuMap CompuMap is by far your best option for learning the bus (colectivos) system to get around Buenos Aires. It is also your best option for a map. Here is a list of things you can do with CompuMap: – finding a direction – which colectivo to take to get somewhere – the entire route […]