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Buenos Aires Barrio Guide – Choosing the Right Neighborhood

Buenos Aires Barrio Guide – Choosing the Right Neighborhood

Whether you are looking for an apartment to rent, a hotel, or for a temporary vacation rental, you will have to decide which neighborhood you´ll want to stay in in Buenos Aires. The Argentines call neighborhoods “barrios” and you will hear that term a lot. The Capital Federal, which is what refers to the city […]

Adom Club Buenos Aires

Adom is an independent designer clothing store located in San Telmo. They sell men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, hand bags, and accessories. They have a great selection of different styles of clothing, mainly casual wear, but they also sell some slightly dressier items. The majority of the clothing is from independent designers, similar to the […]

Zen Delivery

Zen Delivery URL: Zen Delivery Weekly delivery of vegetarian and vegan meals. First rate, 100% organic ingredients. Once a week we deliver your five meals, or you can stop by and pick up your order from our location in San Telmo.

Bar Sur

Bar Sur is a popular old-school bar located in the heart of San Telmo. It is quite small, but has a great local feeling. Their main attraction is their nightly tango show, that also includes other music and dances. Bar Sur Estados Unidos 299 (corner of Balcarce) San Telmo

El Zanjón

El Zanjon is, according to the Buenos Aires heritage site, the most important archaeological project in Buenos Aires.  It was a huge house built during the first settlement in Buenos Aires back in the 16th century, and has changed ownership numerous times in its centuries long history. A tour through the Zanjón gives you a […]