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Buenos Aires Barrio Guide – Choosing the Right Neighborhood

Buenos Aires Barrio Guide – Choosing the Right Neighborhood

Whether you are looking for an apartment to rent, a hotel, or for a temporary vacation rental, you will have to decide which neighborhood you´ll want to stay in in Buenos Aires. The Argentines call neighborhoods “barrios” and you will hear that term a lot. The Capital Federal, which is what refers to the city […]

Hotel Palace Alvear

The Hotel Alvear is the most emblematic of Buenos Aires’ hotels, and is also one of the most elegant.  It is situated in the famous neighborhood of Recoleta, and is very close to the Recoleta cemetary.  The art and architecture of the hotel are very classy, and in 2003 the hotel was name a historical […]

Recoleta Cultural Center

The Centro Cultural Recoleta is located in one of the most frequented tourist spots in the entire city, right in between the famous Recoleta cemetery and the popular shopping center Buenos Aires design. The complex itself has quite the history. Early in the 18th century, the land was donated to the Franciscan Friars of Recoleta, […]

Healing & Growth

Healing & Growth Recoleta URL: Healing & Growth Healing & Growth is a unique, distinctive concierge-style counseling and life coaching practice currently serving an English-speaking clientele in Buenos Aires. Mr. Nissenbaum has specialized in working with individuals and couples consisting primarily of dynamic, successful professionals, corporate executives, physicians, attorneys, elite athletes, and affluent individuals, dealing […]

National Museum of Bellas Artes

The Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Buenos Aires is the country’s largest and most prestigious collection of classic art.  The museum was originally founded in 1896 in what is now the Gallerias Pacificas mall.  Its collection of art expanded rapidly, and it no time, it outgrew the location.  It was then moved to the […]

El Ateneo

El Ateneo

Buenos Aires is full of bookstores, and plenty of them are very nice. However, none of them can hold a candle to El Ateneo Grand Splendid, which has been labeled as one of the top 10 bookstores in the world. Once you’ve entered El Ateneo, it is easy to see why. El Ateneo was built […]