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Buenos Aires Barrio Guide – Choosing the Right Neighborhood

Buenos Aires Barrio Guide – Choosing the Right Neighborhood

Whether you are looking for an apartment to rent, a hotel, or for a temporary vacation rental, you will have to decide which neighborhood you´ll want to stay in in Buenos Aires. The Argentines call neighborhoods “barrios” and you will hear that term a lot. The Capital Federal, which is what refers to the city […]

Hilton Hotel Buenos Aires

The Hilton hotel is one of the premier hotels located on the far side of Puerto Madero. It’s not a very central location, but is certainly beautifully situated right on the water. Some of the rooms have great views of the famous Puerto Madero. If you are looking for a luxury hotel in a quiet, […]

The “ARA Uruguay” Museum

The ARA Uruguay is a small ship, known as a corvette, that is permanently docked in Puerto Madero and can be visited by the public. The boat has a very interesting story – it was built in 1874, a three-mast beauty and was one of the largest ship in South America. At the beginning of […]