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Spanish lessons
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I am a porteño native speaker with a major in Spanish (University of Buenos Aires).
I have been a full time Spanish teacher for 6 years.
I actively attend courses and seminars on teaching Spanish as a foreign language.
I know the published material thoroughly and I also produce my own activities when needed.

I offer:

Dynamic lessons.
Focus on your needs.
One-on-one tuition or small group lessons.
Intensive courses available.

Dr. Stephen Krashen principles for second language acquisition:

– ‘we acquire the rules of language in a predictable order’

– ‘adults have two distinctive ways of developing competences in second languages: acquisition, that is by using language for real communication – learning, “knowing about” language’

– ‘humans acquire language in only one way – by understanding messages or by receiving “comprehensible input”‘

– ‘a mental block, caused by affective factors, prevents input from reaching the language acquisition device’

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