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The South American Music Conference first started in 2004, and is the most important electronic music event in South America. Over 40 national and international DJs play in 3 different rooms, but what really makes this event is important, is that it is a conference to exchange information about electronic music, and network with DJs and producers from around the globe.

Some DJs that have played in the past include Nick Warren, Judge Jules, Ritchie Hawtin, Ferry Corsten, Tiesto, which tell you this is definitely a festival that will make any electronic music lover drool. The event in the past has taken place in Costa Salguero, but in 2009 will move to G.E.B.A. in Palermo.

This may not be as big or well known as creamfields, but this one is all about the music and the industry. It also costs half as much as creamfields, so if you can only go to one, you may want to keep that in mind.

When: Changes yearly.   ***Rumor has it that there is no longer an SAMC Buenos Aires, or at least not in 2010***
Where: G.E.B.A.
Why: You love electronic music, or you just want to party hard listening to some of the world’s best DJs.
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  1. michael says:

    hi im trying too find out when the date is for the samc south american music conferance in 2010 thanks michael

  2. Matt says:

    Hi Michael,

    Unfortunately, dates for most events in Buenos Aires aren’t available until a couple months before the event. Creamfields is almost always the second weekend of November, chances are it will be Novmber 13th.

    The SAMC changes every year, so its impossible to know in advance when it will be. Last year it was in September, but in other years it has been in dec, march, and october. Check out their website for updates: Its definitely worth going to.


  3. Helen says:

    Has anyone got any idea when the SAMC will be this year or Creamfields, can`t find any info on either of them.Thanks in advance.


  4. Matt says:

    Hi Helen,
    I have no idea, and they won’t say when it will be….keep an eye on their homepage, and as soon as I hear something, I will write about it! Its hard to guess when it will be as well, because it changes every year….

  5. michael says:

    thanks matt as soon as u hear something about samc or any other big dance music event towards the end of 2010 or early 2011 will u post it as im trying too book a friends stag party he really wants too go too buenos aries but i carnt organise anything cause theres no dates

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