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The Centro Cultural Recoleta is located in one of the most frequented tourist spots in the entire city, right in between the famous Recoleta cemetery and the popular shopping center Buenos Aires design.

The complex itself has quite the history. Early in the 18th century, the land was donated to the Franciscan Friars of Recoleta, who constructed a monastery, which they used until the 19th century. It’s function then changed numerous times. First as a drawing school founded by General Manuel Belgrano, then as a shelter for the poor. The complex then went through a number of changes brought about by first Mayor of Buenos Aires. In 1980, the final major renovation and building took place, which is when the complex as it is today was built.

Currently, the CCR is a maze of different rooms which are used to display a diverse selection of art, and at any one time you can see both national and international exhibits featuring paintings, sculptures, or photography. The styles of art can range significantly, though in general it is some form of contemporary art.

The center claims that art of all of the Argentina’s famous artists has at some point been featured in the CCR, both before and after they became recognized artists. One of the center’s goals is to find aspiring artists, and to give them their first big opportunity to show their work to the public.

The complex also has an auditorium where you can see some of Buenos Aires’ best independent theatre. Some amazing shows have been performed at the CCR, and prices are usually very reasonable. Outside of the interconnected rooms is a large terrace with a great view of Plaza Francia. This space is also used for events, both theatrical and musical.

Like most cultural centers, the CCR offers courses and workshops, as well as modern music investigation laboratory. For more information, visit:

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