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You probably already know that the Argentines live and breath soccer, and if you like to play, you shouldn´t miss a chance battle it out with them on the soccer pitch.   Although it’s difficult to find full sized outdoor football fields to play on, indoor 5-on-5 courts are everywhere.   Here is what you can do to play football in Buenos Aires:

  1. Check with hostels – most hostels organize weekly soccer matches.  Even if you aren´t staying there, they are often looking for more players.   Stop in, check with the hostel for dates and times, and chances are you will be able to sign up to play.  Usually some of the staff plays as well, so you will be playing with foreigners and Argentines.
  2. Organize your own – it is easy to organize your own soccer match.  Just like you, there are plenty of people looking to play more soccer, both travelers and Argentines alike.   Speak with your friends, find out who wants to play, and go ahead and book a court.  You will have to pay a deposit, and then the full amount on the actual day.  A soccer ball is provided, and most courts have change rooms and showers.  Peak times are from March to December, 8PM – 10PM, so don´t be surprised if you can´t book a court at those times.
  3. Go to a court, ask to play – this is fairly common.  Head to a court nearby, and check out the games.  Teams are often looking for an extra player because one of theirs didn´t show up.  Make your move, then have fun showing them up on the pitch.
  4. Make friends, and you will find soccer – many Argentines play soccer from time to time, if not weekly.  Once you start to make some friends, find out if they play soccer, and see if they need extra players.  Even if they have a complete team, there is always a need for backup players.
  5. Join a club.  There are many clubs throughout the city, such as Club De Amigos and the Geba, that have their own courts and soccer leagues.  By joining the club, you are eligible to join the soccer leagues.
  6. It’s easy to find teams to play soccer with in Buenos Aires.   All it takes is a little desire and a little initiative.

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  1. Michael says:

    Hey guys! If you’re looking to play some football/futbol/soccer while in Buenos Aires, feel free to check us out for a 5-a-side organized game, tournament, asado, or outing. All levels, ages, backgrounds are invited! See you on the pitch 😉

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