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The Buenos Aires Planetarium is located in Palermo, near the intersection of Sarmiento and Figueroa Alcorta.  Similar to most planetariums, it is a place where you can go to learn more about astronomy.  The planetarium itself is quite old and has seen better days, but this doesn´t take much away much from the shows, other than the fact the seats are somewhat uncomfortable (and some are broken).

The most popular reason that people attend the planetarium is for the shows, where they talk about something related to astronomy while projecting images/films on the roof of the domed planetarium.  These shows are ok; the information is interesting, but can often drag on.  They also have small exhibitions, and throughout the year, the planetarium is open on weekend nights for star gazing, dependent on weather.   This is well done, and can be a great experience for children (and adults) who are interested in looking into space.  If you are from the northern hemisphere, you may enjoy the opportunity to learn more about what you see in the sky from the southern hemisphere.

Also on weekend afternoons is a theatrical production of The Little Prince, which combines the technology of the planetarium with theatre to tell the story of the Little Prince.  It is a fun show for children, and well-worth watching.

Unfortunately, if you do not speak Spanish, there isn´t much point in visiting the planetarium.  All events are done in Spanish.

Bottom Line: Only worth visiting if you speak Spanish and have children, or you really want to learn more about astronomy.

Av. Sarmiento y Figueroa Alcorta
4771 9393

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