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“More than 100 bands are going….let´s all go.” This is Pepsi´s slogan for the Pepsi Music festival, and there´s no reason why everyone shouldn´t go.  The Festival is the largest of the big multi-day concerts held in Buenos Aires, with 100 hundred bands playing during five different days.  There is a huge variety of both national and international bands, and you´ll hear tons of different music styles – rock, Argentine rock, indie, punk, reggae, and in 2009, Prodigy will play, which is the first time the festival will have electronic music.  The idea, is that there is something for everyone.

The festival is pretty amazing, and definitely one of the most exciting in terms of the energy felt during the event.  Total attendance breaks the 100,000 mark, and the crowd really goes wild, showing their appreciation for the killer shows that tend to be performed.  From a fans point of view, this is the best of live popular music in Argentina, and it is also the most important event for the performers., which is why they tend to put on their best shows.

Some of the most well-received acts in the past include:  Andres Calamaro, Nine Inch Nails, David Matthews Band, Motley Crue, Babasonicos, Megadeth, and The Wailers.

If you only make it to one of the large, multi-day music fests, this is the one you won´t want to miss.  Package deals are available if you want to go to more than one show, and hey, if everyone´s going, why not?

When: October
Where: Club Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Why:  Stellar shows of top national and international bands, performing to an electric crowd.
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  1. adam says:

    Can someone tell me what the official website is for the Pepsi Music Festival in Argentina please?

    Thanks, Adz

  2. Matt says:

    Hi Adz,
    The official website is the one listed in this post.

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