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Originally the location of the National Penitentiary, parque Las Heras is now an attractive park located right in the middle of Palermo.  Although not as large as some of the other parks, it has its own special charm.  The entire park is covered in nice green grass, sloping down towards the street, and the park is dotted with large trees providing shade from the un-relenting sun.

In the summer, the government has chairs and umbrellas set up for park goers to use, which is free.  There is a small playground, and also a “waterpark” which nothing more than some outdoor showers that spray misty water….a great way to cool off during the scorching Buenos Aires summers.

Parque Las Heras is mostly frequented by the younger crowd, with the majority of people being under 30, except for the section with the free chairs and umbrellas.  It is the most popular park in Palermo for people who want to suntan, and the park is full of people in bathing suits and bikinis, who love to perfect their tans.

The only real downside to the park is that it is right against Av. Las Heras, one of the busier streets in the area.  Unless you go to the opposite side of the park, there is no escaping the unpleasant noise pollution from the Buenos Aires colectivos.

Bottom Line: A great place to go sun-tanning during a hot summer day in Buenos Aires.

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  1. Carlos Pereyra says:

    While you’re in the park think about all the political prisoners who were incarcerated and executed there. During the time of terrorism after the fall of Peron, almost every night you could hear the salvoes of firing squads executing suspected terrorists. I know, I was 12 years old and lived one block away.

  2. Casa34 says:

    i live in palermo and love it!! nice place! nice people!

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