Palacio San Martin

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The San Martin Palace (originally known as the Palacio Anchorena) is another example of the Argentine upper class from the early 1900s. It was built by the architect Alejandro Christopherse at the request of Mercedes Castellanos de Anchorena, to serve as a residence for the anchorena family, one of the wealthiest Argentine families at the time.

Alejandro Christopherse was a famous Argentine architect who spent many years studying at the Beaux Arts de Paris, and as was common at the time, built the Palacio Anchorena using many influences of French architecture.  Although not as large or extravagant as the Palacio Paz, the palace nonetheless a remarkable piece of architecture, and gives one a glimpse into the life of upper-class Argentina in the early 1900s.

The palace is only available to be viewed by tours, which are done in both English and Spanish.  However, check the website or call first, because the dates and times change frequently, and sometimes a few months can pass where they will not offer tours.

Bottom Line: If at all interested in Argentine history, French architecture, or nice palaces, this is worth a visit.

Palacio San Martin
TEL: 4819-8092

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