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“If Buenos Aires was once Paris, the Palacio Paz is the clearest example of this.”   This is the quote on the homepage for the Palacion Paz, and is a perfect description for this beautiful palace.  It was built by the Argentine diplomat  José C. Paz, who lived in Paris for a number of years.  The designs came from French architect Louis Sortais, and most of the building materials were imported from Europe, and the result is that the looks as though it were taken right out of Paris and transported to Buenos Aires.

The palace is quite stunning inside, and still contains all the original furnishings.   It is definitely worth a tour if you have time while visiting Buenos AiresTours are about about 1 hour long, and are offered in both English and Spanish, though the English tours are only twice a week.  The tour goes through the major rooms, explaining what they were used for, and you will also learn about some of the art.  The tours are very well-done, and it gives you a fascinating glimpse into life of the upper class Argentines in the early 20th century.  There are not self-guided tours allowed.

Bottom Line: Definitely worth a visit if you’re interested in seeing one of the most ornate palaces in Buenos Aires, and learning some Argentine history while your at it.

For more information on tour times and prices, visit:

Palacio Paz
Circo Militar (Plaza San Martin), Retiro
Av. Santa Fe 750
Consultas 4311-1071 /79 int. 147

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