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Yoga in Buenos Aires

Yoga in Buenos Aires

Yoga is all over Buenos Aires…you can find it at your local gym, there are professional yoga studios, and teachers who run yoga out of apartments.  Finding the yoga that is right for you depends on the kind of yoga you want to practice, and finding a teacher you like.  Here are some great choices […]

Save Money with Credit/Debit Cards

Although many foreigners aren´t able to get an Argentine bank account, you should do everything you can to do so.  Credit and debit card holders can get huge discounts for using their cards at select merchants on specific days. Here are a few examples, for Banco Francés debit card holders: Always – 10% off at […]

Borges Cultural Center

Borges Cultural Center

There are many great cultural centres in Buenos Aires, and the Centro Cultural Borges is one of the best when it comes to mainstream art and theatre.  They have a number of different rooms for displaying visual art, and at any one time, you will find they have at least a few different exhibits going […]

Save Money on Food

Compared to North America, food is very expensive in Buenos Aires (as a percentage of cost of living).  Here is how you can save LOTS of money on food. Get familiar with prices, because they vary hugely, and there is no single supermarket that is cheaper than the rest.  In general, Supermercado del Dia is […]

Guia Oleo

If you have been in Buenos Aires for a few months, no doubt you´ve at some point entered the Guia Oleo website.  This useful page has the majority of the city’s restaurants listed, including reviews and ratings entered by the site’s users.  However, most people are missing out on a great feature offered by Guía […]

MALBA – Buenos Aires Latinamerican Museum of Art

The Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires is the country´s most important museum for displaying contemporary art from the 20th century.  The permanent collection is mainly made up of works by Argentine artists, and this is the best spot to see Argentina´s most famous contemporary artists.  There are also many works from other Latin […]

National Museum of Bellas Artes

The Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Buenos Aires is the country’s largest and most prestigious collection of classic art.  The museum was originally founded in 1896 in what is now the Gallerias Pacificas mall.  Its collection of art expanded rapidly, and it no time, it outgrew the location.  It was then moved to the […]


The Buenos Aires Planetarium is located in Palermo, near the intersection of Sarmiento and Figueroa Alcorta.  Similar to most planetariums, it is a place where you can go to learn more about astronomy.  The planetarium itself is quite old and has seen better days, but this doesn´t take much away much from the shows, other […]

Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens of Buenos Aires are another park designed by the famous landscape designer Carlos Thays.   The gardens were inaugurated in 1898 and were given an award .  They are located right in the heart of Palermo, beside Plaza Italia and the Zoo.  The gardens have more than 5,500 species of plants, shrubs and […]

El Zanjón

El Zanjon is, according to the Buenos Aires heritage site, the most important archaeological project in Buenos Aires.  It was a huge house built during the first settlement in Buenos Aires back in the 16th century, and has changed ownership numerous times in its centuries long history. A tour through the Zanjón gives you a […]