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Argentine Wine Region Basics

When thinking of wine, people do not always associate it with Argentina. However, this is beginning to change, and for good reason. Argentine wines are starting to compete with some of the best wines in the world, evident by the international awards their wines have won. If you are visiting or living in Buenos Aires, […]

Square of Enlightenment

The Square of Enlightenment (Manzana de las Luces) is a square block of a few different historical buildings, located very close to the plaza de Mayo.  There are daily tours offered for those interested in an important part of Buenos Aire’s history, which take you through the major points of interest in the Square of […]


Pascualina is an Argentine vegetable pie, filled with swiss chard and hard-boiled eggs.  It is found in any traditional Argentine restaurant, and is especially popular to eat as a quick take-out meal. You will need a pre-made pie crust or you can make the pie crust yourself.  Here is how to make the filling: • […]

Bioparque Temaikén

Temaiken is Buenos Aires’ most highly touted zoo, located in Escobar (about 1.5 hours from Plaza Italia). The zoo is beautifully landscaped, and very spacious, which is what really sets it apart from the Palermo Zoo. Unfortunately, this also causes it to cost nearly three times as much (currently $58 for adults, and $44 for […]

Apartments in Buenos Aires –What You Need to Look Out For When Apartment Hunting

Apartments in Buenos Aires –What You Need to Look Out For When Apartment Hunting

Let´s face it.  Finding a good valued apartment in Buenos Aires is no small task.  You could look all year and still not be successful, especially without the infamous garantía.  Or maybe you are able to find what you think is a great apartment, until you´ve been there for a week, and realise you have […]

Buenos Aires Accomodation – Cheap Hotels in Buenos Aires

Cheap Hotels in Buenos Aires Like any metropolitan city, Buenos Aires has all types of accommodation options, including some great cheap hotels.  Unfortunately, due to high inflation and a booming tourism industry, the deals aren´t quite the same as before. One of the problems with finding cheap hotels in Buenos Aires is that many of […]

The “ARA Uruguay” Museum

The ARA Uruguay is a small ship, known as a corvette, that is permanently docked in Puerto Madero and can be visited by the public. The boat has a very interesting story – it was built in 1874, a three-mast beauty and was one of the largest ship in South America. At the beginning of […]

Instant Coffee Culture

You don´t have to live here long to realize that instant coffee (something you probably haven´t drank since the last time you went camping) is a staple in the daily life of most Argentines. Whether at home, work or both, instant coffee is more common than drip coffee, and makes up the daily caffeine dose […]

Hot Festival/Personal Fest

Hot Festival (originally Personal Fest) is a two day music festival that takes place at the Club Ciudad de Buenos Aires stadium.  Each day features a massive headliner, as well as a number of smaller local and international music groups.  Style of music ranges, but is mainly rock, reggae, and pop. ***Hot Festival 2010 – […]

Down with the Garatía!

Finding a long-term unfurnished apartment is the way to go if you´re staying in Buenos Aires for a year or longer.  You´ll end up saving a lot of money, and you can furnish the apartment however you want.  Unfortunately, getting the apartment will likely cause a BIG headache, mainly because of the infamous, horrible, nasty, […]