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Pacha is one of the largest chains of nightclubs worldwide, known for their large, high end venues and talented DJs they attract.  Pacha Buenos Aires fits this description perfectly, and is arguably the best spot in Buenos Aires for electronic music.

The club is located on the Costanera Norte, slightly north of the Jorge Newberry airport.  It is a large, whitewashed building right by the water, with a great view of the rio de la plata.  On hot summer nights you can almost feel as though you’ve gone to Ibiza.

Pacha is three stories high, the first one being the largest, and is the main room where the headliner will play.  It has very high ceilings, lots of disco balls and lasers, and very good sound.  The second floor acts as a mezzanine, and overlooks the main floor.   It is more of a chill area, and has tables and a small bar.  The third floor is a separate room altogether, and is often used as a VIP lounge.  There is usually another DJ playing in this room, and outside of the room is a huge balcony with a great view of the river.  In the summer, on the patio off of the main floor there will often be a DJ spinning outside as well.

Pacha truly is the prime spot to see the world’s best international Djs.  Past shows include Dave Seaman, Christopher Lawrence, Nick Warren, John Acquaviva, John Creamer….the list goes on, and usually at least one month there is a performance by a very good international DJ.   The best night to go is Saturday nights, which is the only night that is always electronic music.  Fridays are usually some smaller party, often featuring some other type of music, and they only open the third floor.   It’s a totally different club on these nights, and not recommended if you’re looking for electronic music.

There is no dress code at Pacha, although shorts are rarely allowed (unless you’re female) and no flip flops (again, females can probably get away with it).  Dress is very informal, typically jeans and t-shirts, and lots of people wearing sunglasses.  The crowd is mainly late teens to early twenties, and for the most part, there is a good vibe in the club.

Pacha is one of the more expensive discos, with cover costing $40 pesos +, and highballs $25 +

Bottom Line: One of the top places in BA to hear the world’s best electronic music.   A very nice club, though gets a little overcrowded.

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