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OSDE has been around for over 30 years is one of the most highly regarded health insurance options.   Their service is unique, in that they do not own any of their own medical facilities.  Instead, they pay for the use of medical facilities owned by other companies.  As a member of OSDE, you therefore receive access to a variety of different health centers.

For example, you will have access to the different hospitals, the Medicus health centers, and the sanitorios.  It is up to you which one you use.  As with all the major health insurance providers in Argentina, there is a large variety of plans you can choose from, which vary significantly in price.

The main advantage of a health plan with OSDE is the scope of care you receive.  You will have access to the greatest amount of health care facilities, which gives you the ability to choose from more doctors and more types of care.

There are a few disadvantages with OSDE Health Insurance.  The biggest is the price.  They are the most expensive health insurance provider in the city, and it is difficult to say if you are actually better off than with a health plan from one of the other major providers.  Also, because they don´t actually own any health facilities, wait times for operations can be longer, because members of the individual health centers usually receive priority.

The international coverage of OSDE is a also bit disappointing.  You are only covered in neighboring countries, and have the option of being covered in the United States, Canada, and Israel (if you pay more).  However, you cannot receive coverage for other countries in South America that are not bordering Argentina.

Some of the OSDE Binario site is in English, so some information can be easier to find if you don’t speak Spanish.  Unfortunately, OSDE has been unreceptive to providing Expose with any additional information, nor will they provide a contact who can help foreigners.  For more information, visit the OSDE Binario website.

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