The City that Never Sleeps – Nightlife in Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires is often called the city that never sleeps and for good reason. The streets are busy at all hours of the night, and you can feel a distinct energy throughout the city. The Porteño nightlife is one of the best you’ll experience and has a little something for everyone.

You can find pretty much any type of club here, from super exclusive to straight up grunge, though most are somewhere in between. There are very few clubs that have a dress code in effect, but most places will turn around guys in shorts or sandals. Other than that, you´ll be fine – jeans and sneakers are the most common, and in very few bars will you find girls in high heals.

You can find all kinds of music at the discos, though electronic music is by far the most popular. House, progressive house, and club house are the norm, though there is quite a bit of trance and techno. Reggae is also very common, as are bars that play a variety of pop music, including 80s and 90s hits. In contrary to other South American countries, there is very little salsa or merengue music, which can only be found at a few select bars and clubs.

The entrance to clubs is anywhere from free to 50 pesos, with discounts often offered to girls. If you go early, then you are also more likely to get in for free. Most bars have happy hour, and you should definitely try to take advantage of this. Drinks are incredibly expensive here, with beers ranging from about 6-15 pesos, and highballs/cocktails 12-25 pesos. Most happy hours include options for 2 for 1, or cheap cocktails.

One important thing to remember is that everything starts VERY late here. When people are planning to go out, they will usually start dinner sometime between 10PM and 12AM. Then everyone meets up at someone’s house or a bar for a while. Around 2AM – 3AM, people go to the clubs. For most foreigners, this is a hard schedule to get used to, but if you try to go out earlier, you’ll likely be the only ones there!

Useful Resources:

There are a few websites where you can put your name on a guest list, in turn providing you with either free or discounted entrance. This is a great way to save a bunch of money.

Info Boliches
Out BsAs

There are endless numbers of sites about the different clubs in Buenos Aires. Noche de Buenos Aires has a decent, up to date list –

Useful Vocabulary:

Boliche – used to refer to a club/disco
Minaslang word for girl
Birra – another word used for beer
Entrada – refers to cover charge
Barra libre – all you can drink
Cerveza libre – all the beer you can drink
La lista – the guest list
Buena onda – good vibe, cool (for people or places)
Chamuyo – a sweet talker, a guy that goes around saying whatever to girls to try and them up.
Pucho – cigarette

See more Argentine Slang and Vocabulary


Gancia Batida – A cocktail made with Gancia, Lemon Juice, and sugar, shaken together ( Gancia is a bitter aperitivo, 14.8% alcohol).
Whiscola – that´s how you call a rye/whiskey and coke.
Speed – a red bull copy
Fernet – fernet is a hard alcohol that is sweet yet bitter (think of cough syrop), and is usually drunk with coke. Especially popular with Argentine guys.

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