New Years In Buenos Aires

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In North America, New Year´s Eve is often about finding a killer party or a special unique event. In Buenos Aires, there is some of the best nightlife on the planet….and most people would expect nothing less than a world-class New Year´s Eve, on par with those of Rio de Janeiro or New York City.

Unfortunately, this is not the case in Buenos Aires. New Years takes place during some of the hottest possible weather in Buenos Aires, and if you´ve ever experienced the heavy, uncomfortable summers in the concrete jungle, you´d understand why so many people leave the city during the summer. A large majority of the population goes to party in the swanky Punta del Este, or in the mini Buenos-Aires-on-the-ocean (aka Mar del Plata). The result is a huge decrease in the amount of people that are actually IN Buenos Aires for New Years Eve.

Another reason that a Porteño New Year´s isn´t an overly memorable event for foreigners is because the celebration tends to be a family oriented event. Extended families will gather together in the evening for dinner or snacks, and at some point will eat Turron (type of nougat) and Pan Dulce (Pannettone).

On the strike of midnight, there is the required New Year´s toast, followed by fireworks. The younger members of the family will go outside and set off dozens of fireworks, and those that don´t, will watch the fireworks going off throughout the city (starting in the early evening, peaking at midnight, and carrying on till the sun rises). It is also quite common to light candle lanterns that float off into the sky, which looks beautiful when you see candles from everywhere floating through the night sky.

As a traveler, you may not get the chance to partake in these family celebrations, and if this is the case, you will find the city is surprisingly quiet…it actually feels like a Sunday night in the summer. The streets are deserted, most stores, kiosks, and restaurants are closed, even many bars are shut down. It is definitely not the pulsing nightlife that one gets used to in Buenos Aires.

Nevertheless, a fun Buenos Aires New Year´s Eve is still easy to have in this nation´s capital. There are still plenty of house parties going on, a few bars will put on special New Years Eve parties, and there are some clubs that open up later on. Very few put on a night that is much different from a regular weekend night in Buenos Aires, but still offer a place for you and your friends to make it a night to remember.

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  1. Cherie says:

    Good post that accurately describes the holiday here.
    But one important point left out is the lack of transportation on New Year’s Eve. This can come as quite a shock to visitors who wait on a corner for a taxi at 1:00 a.m. for hours! On this night, as well as Dec. 24, you need to go where you’re going early and leave after 3 or 4 in the a.m. unless you have a car. Or walk.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Cherie,
    Thanks for the comment, I completely agree. Getting a taxi is nearly impossible, so if thats what you need to get home, you need to plan in advance. Buses are still an option, but buses at night are often not an option for many foreigners!

    – Matt

  3. Américo says:

    For this New Year´s Eve 2012 i´ve heard about this:

  4. NYtrojan says:

    Another great option for NYE is this party at The Oasis Clubhouse in Palermo Soho. The space is amazing – big garden with pool, beautiful lounge space, interesting architecture – and definitely worth checking out. More details on the party here

  5. Jessie says:

    We are going to be at for New year in Palermo and we can walk back which is good. Can’t wait.

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