Mendozan Wines: What Makes them so Good

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When a foreigner thinks of wine from Argentina, they will almost always associate it with Mendoza. The majority of exported wines are from Mendoza, and the Mendozan wines are so good that they are starting to win many international awards. To truly appreciate these wines, it is important to know WHY these wines are so good.

Although many factors contribute to the fantastic wines coming from Mendoza, there is one reason in particular that gives Mendoza a huge advantage: the lack of precipitation and their form of irrigation. Mendoza has desert-like conditions and receives very little precipitation throughout the year.

Why is this good thing? Most importantly, grape-growers can control the exact amount of moisture their vines are getting by using an irrigation system that transports water down from the nearby mountains. The vines receive the correct amount of moisture at the exact time they should be receiving it. This means grape growers never have to worry about bloated, flavorless grapes caused from too much rain. They can ensure the grapes receive the correct amount of moisture to grow, but not so much they lose their flavor.

A lack of precipitation could be a very big problem grape grows, but Mendoza has the luxury of an ingenious irrigation system that was original developed by the aboriginals. The water that is used to irrigate the grapes comes from the mountains, and is therefore very pure and full of nutritional vitamins, contributing to healthy vines.

The dry conditions also mean there are very few molds or pests that are a threat to the grapes grown in Mendoza, meaning grape growers rarely have to spray their vines.

Mendozan grape growing conditions are truly ideal. The result is excellent quality grapes, and everyone knows that good wine can only be made from good grapes. In Buenos Aires, and any major city of Argentina, there is a huge selection of Mendozan wines. It is recommended you take full advantage of that, and try as many as possible!

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