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Founded over 35 years ago, Medicus has become one of Argentina´s household names when it comes to health insurance. Similar to Swiss Medical, they own various health centers throughout Buenos Aires, and these centers are equipped with excellent doctors and high-tech equipment.

Medicus has 30 different plans you can choose from, meaning it should be possible for everyone to find a plan that suits their needs. With a Medicus plan, you not only have access to their health centers, you also have access to most of the other health centers throughout the capital, such as hospital Aleman, and hospital Italiano. There is also an extensive cartilla available with a list of doctors that provide care under your plan.

One of the downsides of Medicus is that their website is only available in Spanish. If you don´t understand Spanish, or you would like more information regarding Medicus Health Plans, you can contact Beatriz.

Beatriz Tort (, her Medicus email, is not working at the moment).

She is always very helpful, and speaks enough English to get by. She has helped many foreigners in the past few years, ever since Laura from Moving to and Living in Argentina wrote a blog post about her.

**Please be aware Beatriz is temporarily away from work. I will remove this message once she returns**

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