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In order to understand and master Argentine Spanish, there are a few things you will need to learn first, even if you already speak Spanish. First, you will have to learn and become familiar with the Argentine accent and intonation, which is what gives the Argentine Spanish such a distinct sound.

Once familiar with these different sounds, you will have to learn the differences in grammar, such as the Argentine Vos form. The Argentines use ‘vos’ instead of ‘tu’ in contrast to most countries in the world.

Finally, you will be ready to learn the different vocabulary and expressions that are used here, which is always the hardest part of learning a new dialect. Like all Spanish speaking countries, Argentina has a very distinct vocabulary to what would find in Mexico, Spain, or even its neighbor Chile. It can take many years to learn all of the differences, but learning the most important expressions and vocabulary is fairly simple. The following pages will help you to learn the differences, and become an expert at speaking Spanish in Argentina.

Argentina Spanish – a list of the most common words and expressions used in Argentina, though not necessarily specific to Argentina.

Argentine Slang – a list of typical Argentine slang

Argentine Expressions – a list of the most common Argentine expressions and phrases

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  1. Qwerty says:

    This site is a great resource. I have a question for you seasoned BA expats: I live in the US and plan to come down for 2-4 months to improve my Spanish. Has anyone had any experience with the Laboratorio de Idiomas at the University of Buenos Aires? I went to their website and their language programs looked pretty good, but they didn’t answer my email asking a few specific questions. Do people have other suggestions for language programs in Buenos Aires? Thanks!

  2. admin says:

    Hi Qwerty,

    I have heard lots of comments about different schools, but have yet to hear any bad comments. It´s hard to say which one is best, and I have heard some good comments about the Laboratorio de Idiomas at the UBA. I´d say go for it, unless you are having problems with them. Are they avoiding your questions?

    A couple other places to look into, that I have heard good things about. It´s would be worth contacting them as well:

    Verbum –
    Alem –

    If you are interested in language exchange once you get to Buenos Aires, check out:

    Hope this helps. I´ll be getting up LOADS of new information soon on this site, so be sure to check back 🙂

    – Diego

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