MALBA – Buenos Aires Latinamerican Museum of Art

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The Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires is the country´s most important museum for displaying contemporary art from the 20th century.  The permanent collection is mainly made up of works by Argentine artists, and this is the best spot to see Argentina´s most famous contemporary artists.  There are also many works from other Latin American artists.

If you have already seen the permanent collection, the MALBA also has temporary exhibits, to showcase modern art from around the world.  There is also a movie theatre that is used to show independent films.

Although the museum is not that large, the museum collection is made up of around 400 pieces of art from 160 artists.  Just like any good contemporary art museum, the collection of art in the MALBA includes much more than just paintings.  There are sculptures, drawings, recordings, collages, and photographs.

For prices and hours, visit: Wednesdays are 1/3 of the regular prices, and tend to be less busy than weekends, making it the optimal day to go.

Bottom Line: Not a world class museum, but it is the best Argentina has to offer with regards to Contemporary Art.  If you like this type of art, it is worth a visit.

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  1. Casa34 says:

    I went there last Wednesday for the first time. Really worth going. The expositions are very interesting and the atmosphere they have created inside just amazing.
    On Wednesday its free for students so there is no excuse for not going!

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