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Believe it or not, outside the bubble of this urban capital of Buenos Aires, exists approximately 3500 kilometers of land not covered in cafés, clubs, restaurants, Porteños, and clothing stores. “La Rural” is the annual agricultural event, which takes place at the event center La Rural Predio Ferial de Buenos Aires and attracts over a million people from all over Argentina. Farmers and agricultural lovers from outside these screaming streets slowly glide in throughout this event drinking mate, eating the various cheeses and meats that are being sold from nearby stands while casually chatting about their recent accomplishments or mishaps on the farm this past year. Continue to the large indoor space of the event center and you will see an assortment of cows, yes…. an assortment of cows. Farmers gather at “La Rural” once a year to proudly display their finest cattle. Venturing into the next indoor space, you will be surrounded by the high-pitched calls of roosters, chickens, peacocks, and a whole new list of Spanish vocabulary words that you may never use again. The city of Buenos Aires has it all…. even the country.

Ashley Barnes resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina as a freelance writer, photographer and creator of Entre Argentina Tours”, a tourism business dedicated to connecting tourists to the best wine tours, art tours, and restaurants in Buenos Aires and throughout Argentina.

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