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By far the best thing to do on a Monday night in Buenos Aires, La Bomba del Tiempo is a ridiculously popular percussion night at Ciudad Cultural Konex, which is an old oil factory. It makes for a perfect venue, especially during the warmer months when the concert is done outside. La Bomba starts at 8PM finishes at 10PM, but make sure to get there early unless you´ve already got tickets – line-ups go all the way around the block.

The shows is comprised of a group of 17 musicians that play different percussion instruments. It is all based on improvisation through dozens of different hand signals. For the first hour, it is only percussion, but the second hour includes an invited guest, which is different every week. It could be a guitar player, a singer, a trumpet player, a DJ, anyone that they feel will complement their music. This is one of the great things about La Bomba del Tiempo; although it is always similar, it does change from week to week.

The crowd is a great mix, comprised of tourists and Argentines. It is definitely a younger, hippie crowd, especially the ones that really get into it, and let loose with some crazy dancing. However, all kinds of people can be found, and very few people do not enjoy the experience. It is truly a great vibe as everyone gets into the music and dances to the hypnotic rhythms while enjoying the relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Cost is $20 per person. Inside they sell 1L cups of beer for $20, as well as other drinks (including huge fernet and cokes) and empanadas if you are hungry. Ciudad Cultural Konex is located at Sarmiento 3131 in Abasto, right near Abasto Shopping. This is an event not to be missed, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself turning into a regular. It happens every Monday night all year long, rain or shine.

Here is a great video that will give you an idea what it’s like:

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  1. Russ Slater says:

    La Bomba del Tiempo is not only the best thing to do on a Monday night, it is simply one of the best things to do in Buenos Aires full stop. I would have to say that this and Fiesta Bubamara on a Saturday night are the two must-do events for anyone visiting BA.

  2. Amelia says:

    So excited to go!!
    Any suggestions on getting tix in advance?

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