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The Konex Cultural center is located in Abasto, right near the Abasto Shopping center.  It is one of the top cultural centers for alternative culture, especially for music and unique events.  The building itself is a great piece of architectural – it was built in 1920 as an oil factory and used as such until the 90s, when the Estudio Clorindo Testa and Associates were contracted to convert the building into a cultural center.  The place now has a cool, laid-back alternative vibe, which is complemented by their shows and events.

The complex has a few smaller theatres, a large covered open room, a small café, and a large outdoor space.  Konex’s most popular gig, La Bomba del Tiempo, is a percussion performance every Monday night, and always attracts a huge crowd of both Argentines and tourists.  However, Konex is much more than just La Bomba. They are consistently attracting talented local bands who play regularly, such as Onda Vaga, Dancing Mood, Babel Orkestra and Él Mató a un Policía Motorizado.  Every week there is at least one band that is worth seeing, and the styles range from folk to Argentine rock.

Konex also puts on great theatrical performances.  They are mainly small shows by independent theatre groups, and are usually very well done.  Some larger mainstream theatre can also be seen at Konex, such as Rent, which was performed two years ago.

The center also has various options for children, ranging from theatre to outdoor movie during the summer, where only the children are allowed to enter.

What really defines Konex and sets them apart from other cultural centers is the variety of unique, and very good, events they have.  Past events such as La Batalla (a Swing music performance followed by dancing lessons and then a dance) or Fiesta Acapulco (a beach party, even though there is no beach) are great examples of these and the center’s dedication to offering fun, innovative nights.

For shows and event information, visit: http://www.ciudadculturalkonex.org

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