Travel to Buenos Aires

Looking to visit Buenos Aires? Wondering what the best/most economic way to get here is?  We break it down for you, so you can match the best method to your budget/schedule.

Plane:  you can find flight to Buenos Aires from North America for very economic rates, especially if you can do so during off season.  Flights around Christmas, Easter, and summer holidays tend to be badly overpriced.  Also, flights from Europe are much more expensive, so should be bought well-in advance.  The best option for finding cheap flights is by checking prices on a variety of different travel sites.  Its also a good idea to check each airlines’ homepage, as they often have their own special prices. For example, if you are flying to Europe, you could try checking the British Airways sites to see if they have any deals.

Boat:  There are a number of different cruise companies that pass through Buenos Aires.  These are medium-priced, but provide comfortable travel and a chance to see many different spots in South America. Cargo boats are also available, and are interesting experiences that make for great adventures.  However, travel often turns out to be fairly expensive, usually over $100 per day.

Train:  A decent option if traveling within BA.  This is the cheapest, albeit most uncomfortable travel option.

Bus: known as the micro in Argentina, this is a very, very comfortable option and a great way to see the surrounding land.  The only downside is it is slow.