How to Find Cheap Flights to Buenos Aires and Argentina

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You´ll never find cheap flights in South America like you will in Europe, but here are some tips to help you find cheap flights to Buenos Aires from within Argentina, throughout South America, and Internationally.

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Here are some tips to finding cheap flights depending on where you are coming from/going to:

Cheap Flights within Argentina – Aerolineas Argentinas and LAN

There are two main airlines for flights within Argentina – LAN and Aerolineas Argentinas.  One of the best ways to find cheap flights is by flying as an Argentine Resident with Aerolineas Argentinas.  Residents get a significantly lower price than foreigners, but you need to be able to prove you are living in Argentina.  This isn´t possible for most people;   however, if you plan on living here for a decent amount of time, this is another reason why you may want to consider getting a temporary residency or visa.  A student visa, work visa, or any kind of temporary residency will suffice. Anything less, and you´ve stuck paying the full price for foreigners. If you are unable to fly as an Argentine resident, you should compare prices between LAN and Aerolineas Argentinas.  AA usually has cheaper fares, but LAN is a far superior airline.  Unless it is significantly more expensive, it is a better idea to fly with LAN.  AA is known for poor service and lots of delays, and the headaches caused by flying with them are probably not worth a few dollars. For cheap flights to the north of Argentina, you can try   It is a very small airline, and service is often poor, but you can find the best deals on flights to the north of Argentina.

Travel Agencies

Travel agencies are slowly going extinct throughout the world, but are still going strong in Argentina.  There are many located throughout Buenos Aires, though the majority are in the microcentro. These travel agencies often have great package deals during slow months and during the week and you can often find economic trips by both plane and bus to different parts of Argentina and surrounding countries.  Be sure to check with a few different travel agencies to see what kinds of deals they have.  It is possible you will find better deals with the travel agents than you will find on the internet.

Whether you are searching for flights within Argentina, South America, or worldwide, you should always check travel websites such as Travelocity and Expedia.  These are two of the largest sites that sell plane tickets for a huge selection of airlines, at exactly the same price (and sometimes less) than the airline itself.  It is an easy way to find the cheapest flight available to the chosen destination.  The South American version of Expedia is, so it’s a good place to start when looking for cheap flights to South America.

Cheap Flights from Buenos Aires to Uruguay and Brazil

Check, which is a small Uruguayan airline.  They often have the cheapest flights between Buenos Aires and the major Brazilian and Uruguayan destinations.   In addition to cheap flights, Pluna flies out of Aeroparque Jorge Newberry (located in Palermo), which is cheaper and much easier to get to than Ezeiza.

Cheap Flights from Buenos Aires to/from Peru

If you are flying to Peru, you will have to go through Lima.  You can find various deals throughout the year with different airlines, you are best off checking out and going to the different travel agencies.  Again, LAN is the best option in terms of quality, but it is often the most expensive.  Other options include Aerolines Argentinas TACA, and TAM, which are all about equal in terms of prices and quality. If you are looking for an economic flight to Lima, try flying through Cordoba.  LAN offers a dirt cheap flight from Lima to/from Cordoba.  You can then take a bus to Buenos Aires from Cordoba, and the total cost ends up being far less than a direct flight between Lima and Buenos Aires.

Cheap flights from Buenos Aires to the U.S.

There are tons of airlines that fly through different parts of the US, and it all depends on where you´re going.  Check out sites such as Expedia, Travelocity, and Kayak to find out the best rates at the time.

Cheap Flights from Buenos Aires to Canada –

Flying to Canada is often cheapest with Air Canada, although there are certain times throughout the year where this is not the case.   The AC flight is either a direct flight, or a flight with a short stop-over in Santiago, before going to Toronto.    The service is excellent (unlike their service within Canada), as are the planes, making this a great budget option.  Check out the website as they have promotions throughout the year for flights to/from Buenos Aires. Its also worth checking and for other options.

Worst times for travelling

Just like everywhere else in the world, air travel is most expensive during public holidays.  If you need a list of Argentine public holidays, visit: Avoid these dates as much as possible to ensure you aren´t paying a premium for your flight.  The busiest times for air travel are during Christmas, Easter, in July-August (student/winter holidays), and on long weekends.  During these dates, prices skyrocket, flights are full, and airports are chaotic.  They should be avoided as much as possible.

General Tips for Finding Cheap Flights

  • be flexible with travel dates.  Don´t travel during holidays or when locals take their holidays.  Make sure to check the difference in prices for slightly different dates.  You´d be amazed at how much cheaper a flight can be if you change the dates by one day.
  • save up your points with different airlines.  It may not seem like it is worth it once, but the points eventually add up, and it feels great when you can use them for a free trip.
  • don´t assume that every website/travel agent will have the same price for flights.  They are often different, and it is worth checking out the different options.  Finding a cheap flight often takes effort, but ends up being worth it.
  • don´t always pick the cheapest option available.  Price isn´t everything.  You want to make sure you fly with a reputable airline that is less likely to have delays and that makes safety a priority.  In the end, this may “cost” less, even if the price is higher.  Also, a direct flight that is more expensive may be more desirable than a cheaper flight with multiple connections.  Each connection you have means a longer journey and a chance of missing your connection.
  • look for flights to nearby airports.  You can often save a lot of money by flying in to a nearby airport, and busing to your final destination.
  • if you trip involves multiple destinations, consider purchasing all flights at the same time through the same airline.  Airlines give big discounts to customers booking multiple flights at once, to make sure you book all your flights through them.
  • if you are on a trip around the world and  Argentina is only one of many stops you will be making, consider purchasing a “Round the World Pass.”  These passes allow you to fly to numerous destinations while you travel around the world, and it can end up saving you a ton of money.  Some of the most popular options for round the world passes include StarAlliance, SkyTeam, and OneWorld.

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  1. I’ve flown both LAN and AA and would /strongly/ recommend going with LAN, even if it costs a bit extra.

    Nice post, I’m hoping I’ll be able to get back to south america sometime again and this time focus a bit more on seeing the continent instead of just chilling and working Buenos Aires (which was also pretty awesome :)).

  2. admin says:

    Hey Scott,

    I definitely agree with you on flying with LAN if at all possible. Looking forward to seeing you next time you pass through Buenos Aires!


  3. muzz says:

    My finding is that about comfortable and cheapest travel to Harare [Zimbabwe] for cheap flights from London, it have comparatively low prices for all major airlines;

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