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Without actually spending time in Buenos Aires and knowing the inns and outs of the city, it is difficult to find out the best and cheapest ways to go to and from Ezeiza airport. Tourists are always wondering if they are getting ripped off or not, whether they are taking a safe route, etc. Read on for some insight.

There are three ways you can come and go to Ezeiza airport. See below for a list of these three, starting with the most expensive.

**Prices current as of Dec 2009**

To Ezeiza:
Cost: $70 plus tolls Time: 45 min
Going to Ezeiza Airport is always easier and cheaper than coming from Ezeiza airport, if you are going in Remis or Taxi. Most remis and taxi companies charge about the same amount, although some are more expensive than others. The going rate right now is about $70 pesos, plus “peajes” (toll gates, which is about $10 pesos).

If you prefer, you can take a taxi on the street, and depending on traffic, it will cost you about $70 pesos as well. Reserving a remis or taxi beforehand is a better option, because you can reserve it in advance, and it is safer.

A couple of recommended numbers:
Central Remis – 4964-2000 Very nice service, always one of the cheapest options.
Pidalo Taxi – 4956-1200 Not always the nicest cars, but it´s cheap, and safe.

From Ezeiza:
Cost: $70 plus tools to $150 Time: 45 min
Going to downtown from Ezeiza is a different story. When you get into the main section of the airport, you will see a few booths run by remis companies. These are very expensive, around $140 to $150 pesos. They are usually nice cars, plus you rarely have to wait, and they are safe. They do not have to be reserved in advance.

You can call other remis or taxi companies and reserve one in advance, but because they will be there waiting for you, they charge a lot of extra money, and will still cost $140 pesos. The only reason I would pick this option is if you want a remis waiting with a sign for the person arriving.

Just outside, after you pass the stations with the remis booths, there is a booth with taxis. It is a set cost, and usually a little bit cheaper, around $100 pesos. This is a cheaper option, and it´s safe, but the cars are not as nice.

The most economical option is to call a Remis company once you arrive. There are phone booths available in the airport, and you can call certain remis companies which will send a car as soon as you call. As long as you’re ready to go when they arrive, it will be much cheaper, around $70 pesos plus tolls. You usually have to wait about 20 min from the time you call.

One possible option: Central Remis – 4964-2000

Shuttle Bus – Manuel Tienda Leon
Cost: $45 Time: 40 min to center, plus additional time to wherever you are going in the capital, usually 10 – 30 minutes.

There is only one shuttle bus to and from Ezeiza, run by Manuel Tienda Leon. The cost is $45 pesos, no matter which direction you are going in. The main terminal is located in Retiro, right by the major bus and train station. This is where you´ll have to go if you are taking the shuttle bus to Ezeiza. This is a safe option, and quite comfortable. If you are by yourself, it is much more economical.

When coming from Ezeiza, you can get dropped off at a few different spots in the city free of charge, such as Alto Palermo, San Telmo, the Microcenter, and certain parts of Recoleta. However, if you are going to places further from their main terminal, you will have to take the shuttle bus to the Manuel Tienda Leon terminal, and take a taxi from there to where you are going, which will usually be between $10 – $25 pesos.

City Bus (colectivo)

Cost: $1.75 Time: 2 hrs
If you are really strapped for cash, there is one bus line that makes its way to the airport. It is the number 86 (see CompuMap for bus routes), which goes from La Boca, through San Telmo (Peru St.), through the center (Av. De Mayo), then through Once (Rivadavia St.) and so one until the airport. You can catch it anywhere along its route.

The city bus is only a viable option if you do not have a lot of luggage. The bus is usually too crowded to take on any big bags, and people do not appreciate it. This same bus can be taken back into the city, for the same price.

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