Friends Day in Argentina

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Dia del amigo in Argentina is a very big day, and in some ways could be compared to the Argentine version of Valentine´s Day. Although it is not a day for couples, it is a day where friends get together, to celebrate their friendship. The celebration takes place on July 20th, and although it is not a public holiday, it is certainly widely celebrated, and you will find the city becomes very animated on the night of the 20th.

According to Wikipediait was invented by the Dr. Enrique Ernesto Febbraro, to celebrate the arrival of man on the moon. It is celebrated in Uruguay and Brazil on the same day, and in other South American countries on different days. By far the most popular way to celebrate is to have dinner with friends. This usually includes going out, and many restaurants take advantage of this by creating special menus for the dia del amigo. Going for drinks is also popular, so most bars are full as well. Basically, it is a great excuse to see some friends who you haven´t seen for a while, and to let them know you still care.

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