Fiesta Bubamara – Balkan Gypsy Music Party in Buenos Aires

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This is a unique event, and if you are lucky enough to be in Buenos Aires for a Fiesta Bubamara, you should make every attempt to go. The Fiesta Bubamara is a Balkan gypsy music party, where they have a few live bands playing, followed by a DJ, who plays popular Balkan gypsy music. The idea of the Fiesta Bubamarra is to have a unique party full of “buena onda”, where people go to have fun without pretensions. The crowd is pretty standard, but everyone there has great energy. Make sure you go ready to dance, because the music is fun and bouncy, and there’s no keeping yourself from bouncing up and down.

Price is $20. There are two main venues that the party alternates between. One is Teatro Colegiales, the other at Teatro Flores. To find out when and where the next event is, check out their website: can also join the Facebook group of the same name.

If you have no idea what Balkan Gypsy music sounds like, listen to this clip:

Asfalt Tango – Fanfare Ciocarlia

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Here is a short video to give you an idea of what the energy is like:

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