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Buenos Aires, often considered the cultural capital of Latin America, has a thriving performing arts scene. Back in 1997, a handful of Argentine visionaries had an idea…to show the world the importance and the quality of contemporary performing arts in Buenos Aires. They decided to create a festival dedicated to the display of Argentina´s performing arts scene. To ensure international exposure, they invited performing arts groups from around the world. Thus the FIBA was born, and has now become the most important event of its kind in South America.

The FIBA is a two week festival that happens every second year. Some of the best local and international performances are showcased at this event, which gives Porteños and visitors a chance to see some of the best theatre worldwide. In 2007, there were performances from Italy, Brazil, Holland, Japan, Mexico, and the United Kingdom, among many others. For those that do not understand Spanish, there are also dance, music, and visual art performances, where language barriers do not exist.
Although the majority of public goes for the performances, the BIFA is much more than just world class contemporary art performances. It is the most important event for the people that make-up performing arts scene. There are numerous workshops, discussions, special events, and presentations, where artists, producers, and the public exchange knowledge and advice about contemporary performing art.
Ever wanted to meet the artists? They also have a “happy hour”, which is a two our window where the public can meet and speak with the artists, and is also an opportunity for the different artists to interact. For those that do not speak the same language, there are translators available. This is a unique idea by the organizers of the FIBA, and goes off really well. The atmosphere is casual, and many of the artists are friendly and welcoming.

Be sure to get your tickets in advance, as the majority of these shows sell out. You can purchase tickets by:

When: October
Where: Various locations throughout Buenos Aires
Why: You want to see some world class performances of the performing arts
More information:

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