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As eager minds gear up to learn a new language and immerse themselves in a new culture, Buenos Aires has more than enough Spanish schools to choose from. Travelers of all ages flock to Buenos Aires as their destination to learn this gripping and charismatic language. When choosing a Spanish school, one has to think of what is really important. If it’s the location, good facilities, quality teachers, a diverse demographic of students, and overall “buena onda”, then Expanish would be an excellent choice.  I recently studied a week of Spanish classes there, and decided to write about my experience.

Walking into Expanish, located in the energetic downtown Buenos Aires, I was immediately impressed with the organization and professional facilities. The entire building appeared brand new and decorated with tasteful colors and bright white walls. It was comfortable and inviting, something I believe is important when learning a language.

A student will start his/ her Spanish course with a well-constructed exam to make sure they are properly placed in the correct class. It doesn’t matter if you cannot speak one word of Spanish, as there are classes for all levels.  My teacher was an impressive instructor from the north of Argentina who approached our class with a professional and energetic attitude. Definitely never a dull moment throughout the whole week.

There are a variety of course options suitable to your level and your schedule. One can choose from an intensive Spanish course, business Spanish, one-to-one classes and more. A unique and extremely helpful option this school has is the Expanish Ultimate Spanish Crash Course, designed for those who need to learn the practical things and fast! If you are just passing through quickly and need to learn survival language skills, this course can provide you with a quick jolt of confidence to take on your travels.

Part of learning a language is learning a culture, and although there was an abundance of cultural activities and information throughout the institute, there was one particular thing that could be improved. Walking into the school, I greatly appreciated the staff members extending their hand in a friendly gesture of recognizing that in my culture (USA) we shake hands to greet one another. However, we are in Argentina and the way people greet one-another is with a kiss on the cheek. I think this cultural gesture should be applied to all students no matter where they are from, as this will help them to learn the Argentine culture…and to completely understand a language, you also have to understand the culture behind it.

Neverthless, Expanish has great facilities, friendly staff, and quality teachers.   I would recommend them to any traveler or expat in Buenos Aires who seeks a challenging yet fun environment to grow in your new language and make connections to others from around the world seeking the same common language as yourself.

Expanish Spanish School Buenos Aires
Email: Contact@expanish.com
Tel. 5411 52523040
URL: http://www.expanish.com/

Ashley Barnes is a freelance writer and photographer living in Buenos Aires.  She is also the co-founder of Somos2Photography.com, a company that specializes in Gay Wedding Photojournalism.

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  1. Ruth says:

    Hi Ashley,

    Thanks for your interesting post. I am about to head of to BA (for the first time!) and am interested in Exspanish as a place to learn spanish – can you tell me anything about their accommodation options? Did you stay in either the shared appartments or homestay, or did you hear good/bad things about either?


  2. Nuria Boona says:

    Hi Ruth
    It is indeed an interesting post that Ashley did and I absolutely agree with her.
    I have studied at Expanish last year for a couple of weeks and had my best time there! First I took an Intensive course and after a few weeks I changed into a Standard course that I could enjoy the city in the afternoon! I chose their homestay option and luckily it was the right choice for me! My host took more than one student and this way the house was very lively and the women was extremely kind! I had the opportunity to speak spanish in the evening, we were watching movies together, had great talks etc. Some of my friends who stayed in shared apartments did maybe have more party in their house, but spoke more english and this is what I wanted to avoid. So it depends a little bit on you what you prefer.
    I hope this helps. Have fun at Expanish!
    cheers Nuria

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