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El Zanjon is, according to the Buenos Aires heritage site, the most important archaeological project in Buenos Aires.  It was a huge house built during the first settlement in Buenos Aires back in the 16th century, and has changed ownership numerous times in its centuries long history.

A tour through the Zanjón gives you a cross-sectional look into the archaeological history of Buenos Aires, which also explains many important parts of the city´s history.  The building has been beautifully restored, and as you go below ground, you will see how the building has changed throughout the centuries, and also the entrance to a number of underground tunnels.

Tours are 1 hour long (30 min on Sundays) and are offered in English.  Tour guides are very knowledgeable, and are able to answer all sorts of questions not only pertaining the Zanjon, but also to the history of city Buenos Aires.

Bottom Line: This is well worth a visit for anyone interested in archeology or in the history of Buenos Aires.

For more information, visit: http://www.elzanjon.com.ar/

El Zanjón de Granados
Defensa 755 – San Telmo

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