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The Dakar Rally is an intense off-road race that goes from Argentina to Chile and back to Argentina.  It was inaugurated in 1978, and was originally between Paris and and Dakar.  Unfortunately, due to politics, terrorist threats, and basic security issues, the race was deemed too dangerous to continue with the same route.  The race was cancelled in 2008, and in 2009, the Dakar was officially moved to South America.

The race now involves over 300 vehicles that cover on average 600km a day, over a huge variety of terrain (desert, sand dunes, mud, rocks, roads, etc.). This is no sightseeing lollydrive through beautiful terrain…. throughout the years, there have been numerous fatalities.   Although the terrain is the most difficult challenge, drivers also have to deal with high heat, storms, fatigue, and mechanical failures.  The entire race takes two weeks, with a one day rest in between.  For full details on the route, visit the Dakar.com webpage.  They give detailed descriptions of the terrain that the drivers must traverse each day, giving you the chance to visualize this amazing race.  For example: …the competitors will have to deal with a first test. The change of context will be radical: with a switch from earth to sand and especially a dune portion of close to 30 kilometres….have to adapt to a change of climate and especially sand storms that are frequent…

The Dakar rally is an exciting, high profile race that is followed by dozens of countries worldwide, and involves huge investments into the some of the competing teams.  The event can be followed on TV or online (http://www.dakar.com), and each day, there is a public viewing area depending on where the drivers are at the time.  If you are living in Buenos Aires, you can be part of the inauguration ceremonies, giving you the chance to meet the drivers and see some of the vehicles that will be participating in the event.


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