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Crobar is one of the nicer, premium electronic music clubs of Buenos Aires.   Located right beside the Palermo Hipodromo (where they do the horse races), the club itself is quite large, with a capacity of about 2000 people, and has 2 main bars plus one more for the VIP section (although where they have the VIP section tends to move change periodically).   The inside is very industrial, lots of dark grey and black, large disco balls hanging from the roof, a few lasers and some of the best sound in Buenos Aires.

The crowd tends to be people with money, anywhere from late teens to early twenties, though people in their late twenties are certainly not out of place.   The vibe tends to be quite good, friendly and not snobby as one expect.  There is no dress code, and style is pretty casual, although dressier than most clubs in Buenos Aires.  Nevertheless, jeans and T-Shirts are mainly what you’ll see, and there aren´t many girls wearing heels.  Crobar is known for being frequented by some of the city’s best looking people, so expect to see some eye candy.

Crobar is one of the most expensive discos in the city – cover can be anywhere from $40 to $60 pesos, and drinks have gone up in price again, $25 to $30 pesos for a highball.  They used to make their drinks extra stiff (3/4 alcohol, ¼ mix) but now they measure them, often only 1 ½ ounces.

There is always a large guestlist at Crobar, and it is easy to get onto this list. The disco hires a lot of people to whom they provide a guest list, to try and attract more people to the club.  If you ever meet one of these people, make sure to get their contact info.  The more people they get on their guest list, the better they look, so it’s a win-win situation.

Saturdays are currently the best night for electronic music in Crobar.  The clubs residents are very good, and usually a couple times a month there will be some performances by good to amazing international DJs.  For example, some past shows:  Tiesto, Anthony Pappa, Sven Vath, Armin Van Buuren and Lee Burridge.   Fridays are can be alright as well, they still play electronic music but it tends to be more clubby/cheesy.

Bottom Line: A very nice club, cool crowd, and some of the best electronic music in the city.

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