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The costanera norte referes to the walkway along Costanera Obligado Avenue, starting around Salguero Ave. and up until the Ciudad Universitaria of Buenos AiresPalermo and Belgrano.  It’s one of the few places in the capital where you get a great view of the river, making it an attractive place to go on a nice sunny day.

The entire costanera is lined with a nice sidewalk and big leafy trees that arch over the street.   The view of the river is wide open, where you will mainly see sailboats, ferries, and the odd cargoboat.  At different spots along the costanera are clusters of cafes and restaurants, most of them with a view of the water making it an ideal place to have lunch or coffee followed by an afternoon stroll.  If you like to jog, this is also a prime spot for jogging – the air is fresh and there are never that many people.

Getting to the costanera can be a bit tricky, especially the loop at the end, which is the nicest part.  You can either take a taxi, or if you are familiar with the colectivos, the 160 and 37B will get you there as well.

Tierra Santa can also be found in the costanera norte, which is a theme park created to tell the story of the bible.  Although not of much interest for adults, it can be fun for kids, assuming you are somewhat religious.

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