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If you are looking for a short weekend trip from Buenos Aires, Colón is a great option. It is a small town about 4 hours from Buenos Aires by bus and slightly less if you are driving yourself. Colón is know for their palm trees and their white sandy beaches – not on the ocean, but on the Río Uruguay. This makes Colón an ideal summer getaway from hot and heavy Buenos Aires.

Other than the beaches, there are plenty of things to do outside in Colón. The town is very pretty, so wandering around town or eating on a patio in one of their restaurants is a great option. You can also walk along the street lining the river, which has beautiful views of the sandy beaches on both sides of the river. If you´re up for it, there are plenty of nature excursions out to the islands on the river, where there are very few people and a flora and fauna that is quite extensive.

There are also the hot springs of Colón. Colón has multiple hot springs nearby, and located right at the edge of town. However, the one at the edge of town is somewhat dumpy, although still worth a visit. The springs have both inside and outside pools, which means weather is not an issue.

Wondering where to stay? Although Colón is small, there are plenty of hotels from budget to luxury. There are a couple hostels, and if you like camping, there are lots of different campground both in town and nearby.

If you´re camping, make sure to make a fire and do up a BBQ. Colón has some of the best meat we´ve tried in Argentina. Both at restaurants and in the markets.

For an idea of the feel of Colón, check out our video:

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