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Ciudad Emergente is a festival dedicated to showcasing a variety of “emerging” art forms in Argentina .  It basically four days straight of performances, displays and exhibits of up-and-coming artists in rock, pop, fashion, film, street art, hip hop, animation, poetry, y digital art.  Here is what you can expect to see in each:

Rock – some of the better (mainly) Argentine rock bands that are just breaking into the scene.   There are performances of all different styles of rock, including some music that is more pop and folk than rock.

Film – new and old “rockumentaries” and other documentaries about music.

Street Art – Some of Argentina’s best graffiti artists will be on display.

Fashion – fashion shows by talented young designers

Hip hop – some of the cities best hip hop and break-dancers dancers, along with emerging hip hop DJs.

Digital Art and animation – a variety of digital art and animation displays.

If you are at all interested in what they call cultura joven (young culture) in Argentina, this is a great chance to see it all in one place.  Without events such as Ciudad Emergente, this type of art and culture remains mostly underground and is only known about by those who are “part of the scene”.  This event gives you a chance to be part of it.

Ciudad Emergente is a FREE event that takes place over five days at the Centro Cultural de Recoleta.  For information and schedules, visit:

When: June
Where: Recoleta Cultural Center
Why:  Your best chance to see all forms of Argentina’s rich, emerging cultural arts scene.

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