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The City that Never Sleeps – Nightlife in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is often called the city that never sleeps and for good reason. The streets are busy at all hours of the night, and you can feel a distinct energy throughout the city. The Porteño nightlife is one of the best you’ll experience and has a little something for everyone. You can find pretty […]

Fiesta Bubamara – Balkan Gypsy Music Party in Buenos Aires

This is a unique event, and if you are lucky enough to be in Buenos Aires for a Fiesta Bubamara, you should make every attempt to go. The Fiesta Bubamara is a Balkan gypsy music party, where they have a few live bands playing, followed by a DJ, who plays popular Balkan gypsy music. The […]

La Bomba del Tiempo

By far the best thing to do on a Monday night in Buenos Aires, La Bomba del Tiempo is a ridiculously popular percussion night at Ciudad Cultural Konex, which is an old oil factory. It makes for a perfect venue, especially during the warmer months when the concert is done outside. La Bomba starts at […]



One of the top parties in the city, Zizek gave light to what is know globally known as Cumbia digital.  It started as a small weekly clubnight, and in a short amount of time became one of the best week night events in Buenos Aires.   That’s no small feat considering the plethora of party options […]


Pacha is one of the largest chains of nightclubs worldwide, known for their large, high end venues and talented DJs they attract.  Pacha Buenos Aires fits this description perfectly, and is arguably the best spot in Buenos Aires for electronic music. The club is located on the Costanera Norte, slightly north of the Jorge Newberry […]



A one night extravaganza of some of the world´s top international DJs, this is a night of high quality sound, great visuals, and amazing talent, all packed into one room.  In the past three years, performers include Paul Oakenfold, John Digweed, Daft Punk, Basement Jaxx, Steve Lawler, and Sasha. Southfest is one of the three […]