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3 de Febrero Park

3 de Febrero Park

This beautiful park makes up one of the bosques de Palermo, and is easily the most popular.  The highlight of the park is the little island surround by a pretty lagoon, where you can rent a row boat or a paddle boat.  The island itself is called El Rosedal, a very well kept rose garden […]

Vinos de Lujo – Luxury Wine Tasting Event

Vinos de Lujo – Luxury Wine Tasting Event

Taking place in the famous Alvear Palace Hotel, this is another wine event you can´t miss. Vinos de Lujo in English means Luxury Wines and that´s what this event is all about. You get to try wines you probably never knew existed, let alone considered buying. Here´s how it works. You pay an entrance fee […]

The City that Never Sleeps – Nightlife in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is often called the city that never sleeps and for good reason. The streets are busy at all hours of the night, and you can feel a distinct energy throughout the city. The Porteño nightlife is one of the best you’ll experience and has a little something for everyone. You can find pretty […]

Argentine Polo Open Championship

At the end of December, one of the most important Polo tournaments in the world happens in Palermo. Not only is it one of the most important, it is also one of the oldest in the world (started in 1893). Although this is an important event for Polo lovers, it is also a great chance […]

Recoleta Cultural Center

The Centro Cultural Recoleta is located in one of the most frequented tourist spots in the entire city, right in between the famous Recoleta cemetery and the popular shopping center Buenos Aires design. The complex itself has quite the history. Early in the 18th century, the land was donated to the Franciscan Friars of Recoleta, […]

Fiesta Bubamara – Balkan Gypsy Music Party in Buenos Aires

This is a unique event, and if you are lucky enough to be in Buenos Aires for a Fiesta Bubamara, you should make every attempt to go. The Fiesta Bubamara is a Balkan gypsy music party, where they have a few live bands playing, followed by a DJ, who plays popular Balkan gypsy music. The […]

Saavedra Park

Saavedra Park

This is one of the oldest parks in the city of Buenos Aires, dating back to 1873.  Although it has changed a lot since it´s inauguration (it used to have a lake), it is still one of the nicest parks within the city limits of the capital.   The 1.6 KM cement path creates a perimeter […]

La Rural

Believe it or not, outside the bubble of this urban capital of Buenos Aires, exists approximately 3500 kilometers of land not covered in cafés, clubs, restaurants, Porteños, and clothing stores. “La Rural” is the annual agricultural event, which takes place at the event center La Rural Predio Ferial de Buenos Aires and attracts over a […]


Creamfields is the largest electronic music festival in South America, and Creamfields Buenos Aires is the best of the bunch.  This is a massive single day event, where over 100 of the world´s top DJs will play to 60,000 screaming Argentines and tourists.   The event currently takes place at the Autodromo, where the festival sets […]


If you are looking for a short weekend trip from Buenos Aires, Colón is a great option. It is a small town about 4 hours from Buenos Aires by bus and slightly less if you are driving yourself. Colón is know for their palm trees and their white sandy beaches – not on the ocean, […]